Thursday, February 27, 2020

Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Business Ethics - Essay Example The article, â€Å"Yours, Mine or Ours?† by Lisa Bertagnoli throws light on a disadvantageous aspect of this sharing of technological equipments, by narrating a little incident, before she goes on to talk about one of the topics gaining fast reputation---Business Ethics and its subsidiary, Intellectual Property Rights. She addresses this new practice, as a â€Å"new way of working†. Employees bring in their personal commodities and gadgets, to workplaces, while some others use company equipments for personal usage. These occurrences has been creating chaos when an employees is shown the door or resigns from job, since one does not know, whether he has been using his own equipment or the company’s, as it is very difficult to track down such minor problems, when there are numerous employees involved. This new practice has led to many chaotic occurrences, as when an employee leaves a workplace, he might carry away some of the internal business communication and information, in his personal equipment, thus exposing certain confidential matters. Sensitive information and secrecy are destroyed, since the employee in question could share the information with competitive ventures or sue it for his own benefits. This is termed as the abuse of Intellectual Property and in an workplace where thousands of employees work in tandem, it is extremely difficult to pin point a particular person. Thus, this article relates to problems involved in protecting Intellectual Properties and privacy issues of a company. The main ethical problem, dealt with in this business ethics related article, is that of Intellectual Property and the Rights in its fold. One

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