Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Communication Studies Interal Assessment Essay

It is no secret that females are excelling in education and leadership at a faster rate than males. Our boys are being marginalized and girls are being considered more brilliant. This has personally grabbed my interest and consequently i have chosen to examine how well the GSAT prepares our males for high school level. For this Internal Assessment my attention will be centred on the extent to which the Grade Six Achievement Test prepares male students for academic progress and achieve in the future schools, and if the examination itself caters to their learning style. In the reflection of this assessment i will highlight some of the issues faced by males in preparation the GSAT and in the expository section of this i will discuss the issues and challenges brought out in the story, thus all contributes in achieving the purpose. Education is related to my academic interest as personally it pains my heart to see how boys in the Rockfort area and even the society at large are being marginalized. Even now, I teach a math class of about 10 students and not one of them are mails. In the future by whatever means possible i would like to make a difference in that. Having had this experience I now would like to help to offer my time and skills in assisting males preparing for GSAT or any other examination as a work related interest. Having gone through the system and being a high achiever myself I know there is a lot I have to offer which will eventually help even my own development. In all that, the purpose of the topic is t let my readers and listeners know that there are weaknesses in the GSAT that are affecting our males. Preface The purpose of the reflection is ultimately to highlight the some of the weaknesses in the GSAT that are affecting our males. It will also show the lack of preparation on getting male students ready to sit the examination. It will further look at the limitations to the curriculum in meeting the learning styles of males. The Ministry of Education on a broad scale will be the target in this story of the poor performance of the boys. The GSAT curriculum developers also will be targeted as to the reason for the poor performance of boys in the examination; they being the ones to set the structure of the examination. The setting of the story will take place in the community of Rockfort (Kingston 2). This is inclusive of a school known as the Windward Road Primary and Junior High school. Characters in the Story will communicate mainly interpersonally, but there may also be intrapersonal communication and small group communication in its minority. The point I wish to bring across in this story is that, the GSAT is not doing enough for our boys. It doesn’t meet the requirements of some the males sitting the examination. Males are rather more practically inclined, and oral in their expression. These things are to be taking into consideration when making the GSAT curriculum. Thus my final point is the GSAT is unsophisticated.

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